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i bought one for 320 bucks, and this thing is about the most fun i have ever had. i have about 300 rounds threw it the first day i got it, and only had 3 jams and that was with a mixed bag of crap 22 ammo, there were a few low power ones and it failed to cycle completely, may have been sub sonics mixed in. but hey i got rid of my crap ammo. now it does not jam at all.

a few things you might want to know about the gun

-yes, you can dry fire it, the manual says so.

- i saw one at a gun show that was an old model that did not have a pin in the slide stop cut out in the slide, make sure yours has it, there was a recall or something like that because the slide wore out there.

- the slide is alum. but it rides on steel guides in the frame, i was worried when i was looking to buy one it would that the frame guides be plastic because i knew the gun would see a high round count, but it is metal

-it comes with two pinkie extensions (thank you ruger)

- it is fun to shot, and very accurate, i managed to hit 6 by 6 plate at 50 yard 70 present of the time

this was a early xmas present from my wife:biggrin:
and one of my buddies saw it the day i got it and now is saving his pennies.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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