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Ruger Mini-14 181 series Info.

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I just recently purchased a 181 series Ruger Mini-14. I'm posting here for any and all info. on this model. I'm a newbie to the Mini-14 family and appreciate all the info I can get for you guys. Thanks:sniper:
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Hey Cobra. About all I can tell ya is I believe your mini was built some where between 1978 -1980. I believe yours has a 10" rifling twist. You can still get parts, stocks, etc for it from Ruger, and many after market places. You can shoot any .223 Rem. cartridge or mil-spec. 5.65x45mm Nato cartridge. I believe the older mini's shot a little better than the newer ones. If you don't have a Manual for it, Ruger will send you one for free. While you have them on the line ask about date of manuf. and rifling twist. For a nickle a min. anytime use (10-10-636) 1-603-865-2442.

There is also a handy search button (upper right control panel) enter key words, all related posts will come up with your key words in RED. Welcome aboard.
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