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See my reply post to the question about origination of Ruger 10 round mags. I am selling my collection of Factory Mags because I am now a M1a fan. I traded for a custom M1a with a 16.5" Douglas premium air guage brl and action job. It was made by
Mr. James E. McCollum in Tuscaloosa, Al for SPECOPS person heading for AFganistan who never picked it up. My Ruger mags are on sale at (Item# 7123344) if anyone is interested. And, yes, Ruger did manufacture 10 rounders for a very short while for State Police agency and export sales. I believe this production was on a special order basis. (See my reply to the original question of the origin of factory 10 rounders posted some time ago.) As far as counterfiters copying the ten round mags, it doesn't surprise me any considering how rare the original 10 rounders are. I can assure you that mine are original and also, be aware that many people are selling 20 and 30 rounders with the LEO stamping on them because they are not wanting to get stuck with mags law enforcement can purchase at $20.00 ea. We all are angry with Ruger because of Bill Ruger SR. and probably Jr. making a decision to never manufacture anything for the mini14 or 30, in civilian markets, over 5 rounders. Their reasoning seems common sensical to anti-gunners however, any past or present law enforcement or military person knows that this is of no real effect. What happened around Washington and elsewhere could happen with a 5 round mag just as easily as with a 100 round mag. I believe this decision was made in order to appear to respect our nation's LEO's and I can't really say that I am against the idea. It's the lack of commom sense used by those who impact the rights of the law abiding citizens that gets my goat. This ain't sayin much but, being x-naval intelligence and recruited for Seal snipper back in the late 70's, I can understand that trying to restrict the bad guys by removing the teeth from the good guys isn't too smart.
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