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Ruger 1911 commander

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I always wanted a 1911. I love the 45 and the Ruger 1911 seems like a good value.
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It wold take an Ed Brown or Willson Combat to get the Ruger 1911 out of my hand. great gun!!!!
Sorry Bear, Kimber or S&W for me. :eek:
Had both S&W was fine Kimber never would run.Kimber sent back twice then loded with Wlson combat parts, no faith there. Just my experiance.
The LA Version of the Kimber ran like a Swiss Watch for me from day one. Sorry to hear of your Bad Experience. :(
The Kimber has a very "High" return for repair history. Our local gun store is large. They sell hundreds of handguns and hunting rifles each year. The Kimber has a 47% return rate for repairs. The buyers are often critical of the Kimber Warranty.
End user data Sir, your Personal Experience counts so much more Durango.
Have you fired (like it lost it's job) an LA Style Kimber 45 Yet? :eek:
No Smoky I have not. I am only passing on what I have seen locally.
Thanks Durango, I kind of figured if you owned one it probably wouldn't need to see much time back at the Kimber Shop. Proper Maintenance goes a long way, and as you restore fine weapons I'd expect your own to be well maintained.

Many people seem to find strange usages for their firearms, then it somehow becomes the Manufacturers fault when the product won't take abuse. I'm not going to make any excuses for any Firearms Makers, but it is amazing how many folks never even read the entire owners manual on their firearms. :eek:
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I've had a Ultra CDP II from Kimber for several years and it hasn't been a problem. But I haven't bought another Kimber as I've heard from too many unhappy owners. My Ruger Commander has been an excellent pistol.
wlhawk, I'm a bit perplexed. Which is of more value, the several years yours hasn't been a problem or the unhappy owners you have heard about? :rolleyes:

If it wasn't for the external extractor on the S&W, I'd most assuredly would have purchased another Kimber. All I would ask of the New Ruger Owners is that they keep a detailed accounting of rounds spent between repairs, or just a plain Maintenance Log. That way there can be some definitive data on the quality of the Ruger Product. JMHO.
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