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Ruger 10/17

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I have been seeing ads for the new 17HMR Ruger semi-auto. Does anyone have any idea when this gun will actually be for sale to the public?Just wondering.

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If you have your own ruger 10/22 mag.........just order a bull barrel in the 17 cal. (There may be a shim kit that needs to be ordered also) remove the barrel from the mag., and add the bull in the 17. cal. You then have your own 10/17. Nothing else to change except the barrel. Everything works great. Oh ya, forgot, you will need a new stock for the bull, unless your open up the original mag stock............:D

Green Mountaion 77/17 barrels, but others will work.

You remove the 10/22 mag barrel and replace it with the 77/17 barrel. You place a spacer (washer of special width) over the barrel shank before mounting the barrel. Then you give the barrel about a 30-degree "cant" to line up the extractor groove with the extractor (which are in different places on the 10/22 and 77/22)

There is an angled shim supplied to help out with this.

Then you grind an angled area out of the v-block with a dremel or similar instrument and screw it down.
(Lilja or Clark 10/22 Magnum 10/17HMR drop-in barrel or get the GM or Volquartsen 77/17HMR barrel and the shim kit.)
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I have the Marlin 17VS. I have added a KT15 Weaver scope, BKL rings and Base and the RifleBasix trigger. I changed the stock from the gray laminated stock to a Richard laminated Desert sunset Wild Cat. The rifle will shoot 1/2" groups at 100 yards. Even better if the wind is not blowing. The ammo is costly here, $12 per box of 50. Speed of the bullet is about 2600 FPS. This round (17V-max) will shoot as good at 100 yards as a custom 10/22 does at 25 yards. I really believe that the 17cal. will someday take the place of the 22 mag. More speed and is more accurate at longer distances. The 22 LR will be here forever. Just too fun and really cheap to shoot. :confused:
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