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I thought I would introduce my self and give a little background.
I presently live in Fl., treasure coast area, retired Marine 1975-1997 Desert Storm & Beirut vet. I was a Secure Voice "ky" Tech. After USMC retirement I went to Az. worked for Ratheon in Tucson. made a little money and bought a boat, sailed around for seven years. So I have been away from the gun scene for seven years. I have a gun background.
The reason I joined is I recently traded an old friend a Rem 597 and some cash for one of his Mini 14 s. The original paperwork shows it purchased in 2000.
It is a 186 stainless serial 186 74xxxx I believe it's a 1 in 9 twist ?. It is my first mini 14, My first trip to the range the rifle printed a 1&1/4" group.
I love this little gun, I was hoping for some reloading suggestions for bullet weight, and bullet type and any other tips that will keep me on target and save me Trial & Error. I have ordered an Acu-Strut
Thanks for your Help
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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