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I went from revolvers, to wonder 9's in the early 90's. Then I had an incident with a marsupial that just didn't want to stay down. This lead me to carrying 45's. Many of them. But I grew nostalgic and came back to the 357 revolvers I remembered so fondly. An SP101 has been my main carry piece for nearly ten years now. I've picked up a few more here and there. Always 357 mag revolvers.

P.S. I'm not saying revolver is the only way to go. I'm just telling you my experience. For me the DA revolver in 357 works best. I reload. I have a need for something potent enough for use in self defense from men, cougar and black bear. Also something potent enough for a humane kill on whitetail within reasonable distances. And I'm a lefty, right-hand only safeties drive me nuts. A sidearm is a very personal thing.
1 - 1 of 51 Posts
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