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Replacement Mag Body Trade-In's?

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Once again my newby-ness shows through:

Is it possible to trade in all my pre-ban 20-30 round [email protected] mag bodies for PMI's, Ruger's, Pro-Mag's if they are willing to do it. My aftermarket mags are semi-reliable, sometimes standing the last round or two straight up in the mag.

Just a thought.

Richard in Flagstaff
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Hmmm. Maybe Madson could be talked into making some real good 20 and 30 round mag 'bodies' to use as replacements for defective mags by other makes. Madson could make a real good buck that way. Some of those cheep aftermarket mags that don't work, well just trade them to Madson (Madson would have to destroy them, but that would be ok, right?)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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