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Replacement Mag Body Trade-In's?

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Once again my newby-ness shows through:

Is it possible to trade in all my pre-ban 20-30 round [email protected] mag bodies for PMI's, Ruger's, Pro-Mag's if they are willing to do it. My aftermarket mags are semi-reliable, sometimes standing the last round or two straight up in the mag.

Just a thought.

Richard in Flagstaff
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This issue is just starting to surface and I am afraid that the BATF&E will stomp on this. Replacement mag bodies are available, and technically you are not to have any more mags (unless you buy complete ones) in your possession total if you use the mag bodies for repair purposes (cracked feed lips, dented bodies, etc.) than you had before you acquired the replacement bodies (talk about a run-on sentence)....I repaired a USGI mag this way because the feed lips cracked, and the rebuild kits were only $5--I saved the mag body just in case.
It's the states where std. capacity mags are banned outright where this could become a BATF&E issue-and ruin it for the rest of us.
Deaf Smith, if you meant John Mason there, it is extremely doubtful he/they would...
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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