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Remington Bore Cleaner

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Comes in a plastic bottle with a ball inside.
Does not smell much - feels like oil. Requires shaking. Feels gritty - there is some stuff there in the liquid. Promises to clean copper and fouling.

What is that? Is it abrasive? Is it abrasive to the bore metal?
I was sold that when I requested something that can be used indoor which it certainly does.
You cannot use that one with a pull-through cable as it requires wrapping a patch around a brush and doing a dozen strokes.

Also, I was cleaning my Mini yesterday. Only 300 rds throught it plus 22lr - with cleanings in afterwards. I was at it for hours varying the methods - I used Hoppes #9 (Not copper), Remington Bore Cleaner - once, 10 strokes, Remington Oil and the brass brush with Hoppes and Oil. Also pull-through with line and push with a brass jag of different patches or patches wrapped on a nylon brush.
I wanted to achieve perfectly clean patches before going in with Hoppes Benchrest #9 Copper Remover.
Every time it gets clean with one method, another one would produce a lot of dirt. Especially the brass brush.
I will continue today. Is that normal?

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Voruzon, here is a msds on the Remington bore cleaner. I would imagine the natural earth, is your abrasive/grit you feel. Probably fine silica (sand). An abrasive is an abrasive. It must be used with care as it will abrade all type of metals. I wouldn't use it everytime I cleaned the rifle. Only once in a while to remove copper build up you can't otherwise remove.

I have never gotten a completely clean patch. It always has some smuge on it. I spend about 10 to 15 min. (not counting the 15 min. I let the Benchrest copper cleaner soak). I use a bore brush every other cleaning. It keeps the copper, and lead build up off. It works for me. ;)

It takes a few min. to download.
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