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Remington Bore Cleaner

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Comes in a plastic bottle with a ball inside.
Does not smell much - feels like oil. Requires shaking. Feels gritty - there is some stuff there in the liquid. Promises to clean copper and fouling.

What is that? Is it abrasive? Is it abrasive to the bore metal?
I was sold that when I requested something that can be used indoor which it certainly does.
You cannot use that one with a pull-through cable as it requires wrapping a patch around a brush and doing a dozen strokes.

Also, I was cleaning my Mini yesterday. Only 300 rds throught it plus 22lr - with cleanings in afterwards. I was at it for hours varying the methods - I used Hoppes #9 (Not copper), Remington Bore Cleaner - once, 10 strokes, Remington Oil and the brass brush with Hoppes and Oil. Also pull-through with line and push with a brass jag of different patches or patches wrapped on a nylon brush.
I wanted to achieve perfectly clean patches before going in with Hoppes Benchrest #9 Copper Remover.
Every time it gets clean with one method, another one would produce a lot of dirt. Especially the brass brush.
I will continue today. Is that normal?

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Do you have a muzzlebrake or flash suppressor mounted? I normally swab it out well with Q-tips (and Hoppe's) and use pipe cleaners to clean out the milled slots and or holes or what have you. I see this a lot on A2 style flash suppressors after shooting CMP matches in which I fire at least 88 rounds. And sometimes it does seem like it takes forever to clean the barrel.

A perfectly clean bore can look dirty because the end attachment is still dirty and is larger than the i.d. of the bore, thus getting the patch dirty at the very end of the stroke....I hope that this helps.
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