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Remington 870 LW/LT confusion

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Hey folks. I'm about to pick up a brand new Remington 870 Express Tactical 20 gauge shotgun from a local FFL.
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It has the polymer furniture on it with a horrendously long forend. I want to swap it out for wood furniture, but this is where I get confused.
I've searched the web all I can about the differences between LW vs LT, but the posts quickly devolve into 1100's and barrels. They explain that the older 20 gauges, made on 12ga receivers were heavier, and the newer ones lightweight, yet "LW" seems to denote the older receivers, and does not mean lightweight.
So, is LW for the older 870 shotguns, and LT for the newer 870's? Or is LW/LT only for 1100's, and doesn't make a difference for 870's?
Parts listings seems to think it makes a difference....
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Which one for a brand new 870??
Thanks for any help.
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Give Remington cs a call or email, maybe they can tell you what fits.
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