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Remington 5233 O/U

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I'm thinking about picking one of these up as my new clay/bird gun. I handled one with a 26" bbl earlier today and really like the way it feels, except I found it to be just a tad short. I figure this to be due to having no receiver. But it would be fine for clay and better for the field.

Does anyone have any experience with one of these? How is the reliability over time?

Also, is $919 a decent price for one?

Thx in advance for any input.
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For a Remmington? Hell yea great price!
You can buy a cheaper O/U but why? I was Looking at a Verona, for 799
but found a used Franchi for 400. bothe great guns. But I dream of owning a Remmington O/U. I have Shot a Citory, WOW!!!!!! my dream gun! Remmington
is one of the top 5 O/U makers, sorry yea great price...........LOL. I'm jellious.

Have fun w/ it.

Gunfighter45 :2guns:
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