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Recommendations on a pistol for my grandma.

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My grandma has expressed interest in owning a firearm to keep in her nightstand . I was thinking along the line of a semi-auto .380. She is a very capable woman and has shot firearms in the past. I think a dual action revolver is just too cumbersome. She is about 5ft tall and 100lbs. Any other opinions out there.
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An 80 year old female friend asked me for help choosing a home defense pistol a few years ago. We went to a local gun store and with my help SHE decided on a Berretta tomcat (I think that was the model) in .380. She did not have the strength to pull back the slide on most semi-autos so she liked the fact that a loaded mag could be kept in the gun with the empty barrel tipped up. She could manually load a single round in the barrel and snap it into battery, getting the pistol ready in about 5 seconds. I don't own one of these pistols but she really liked it and it was one of VERY few semi-autos she could handle. And to throw my hat in PigBat's ring, She MUST absolutely pick out her own gun. So take her to the store and let her handle several. Better yet find a place that will let you shoot a representative example and have her SHOOT IT!
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