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Recommendations on a pistol for my grandma.

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My grandma has expressed interest in owning a firearm to keep in her nightstand . I was thinking along the line of a semi-auto .380. She is a very capable woman and has shot firearms in the past. I think a dual action revolver is just too cumbersome. She is about 5ft tall and 100lbs. Any other opinions out there.
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The issue with "what gun for my wife/mom/grandma..." is Glock guys are gonna say get a Glock, 1911 fans will tell you there is nothing better than John Moses Browning's finest creation and there's always the old guy in the back yapping away about "wheelguns".

It dosen't really matter what you, I or anyone else thinks she would/could shoot best.
What matters most is the handgun she shoots best.

If you have a public range in your area where you can rent several handguns for her to try, take here there and have her shoot several then get her the one she finds easiest to shoot.

As for the double action revolver, she should at least try one. Its "point and click" like most striker fired automatic pistols, with a set of Crimson trace grips she'd be all set.

Not to start a caliber war but a .38 would be much better.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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