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Recommendations on a pistol for my grandma.

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My grandma has expressed interest in owning a firearm to keep in her nightstand . I was thinking along the line of a semi-auto .380. She is a very capable woman and has shot firearms in the past. I think a dual action revolver is just too cumbersome. She is about 5ft tall and 100lbs. Any other opinions out there.
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There are several new .380 Semi autos on the market that are also locked breach design including the Ruger LCP and the Smith &Wesson Bodyguard both of which have a quite bearable trigger pull of about 5-6lbs. Both are fairly easy for a female to rack the slide on and both are also available with and optional built in laser. Trust me, the recoil on a .38 snub nose revolver is much more severe than a Ruger LCP.380. As for the .380 being underpowered, I guess no one told that to the Nazi Gestapo and SS officers who carried the Walther PPK.
It's funny that you bring up the Bersa. My neighbor has a Bersa .380 and it absolutely hurts my hand to shoot it. The LCP is quite mild in comparison to me. As for making the .38 ammo more powerful than a .380....? Is there any .38 ammo that is less powerful than a .380? Not to my knowledge. I am talking about comparing something like Hornady Critical Defense loads in .38 with the same factory offering in .380. The reference to the "Eurocops in the '30s and '40's" was just an example to those who always claim a .380 isn't powerful enough to do the job. The round is plenty capable as long as you are capable of using it properly. I also have a NAA .22 WMR that I carry quite often and have every confidence in it's ability to do the job. I will agree that tiny and light are not necessary or perhaps even wanted in a bedside gun. That is where my Kahr P40 spends most of it's time.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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