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recoil buffers

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Installed one of the recoil buffers in my Mini 30. I found that my Promags will not feed the first two rounds with it in. Basically the operating rod is just barely coming back far enough to clear the mag with the buffer installed. With 10 rounds in the mag its a tight fit. I guess I need that extra 1/4 inch to get a little more umph. Kind of like a running start. I'm thinking about cutting the buffer in half. Basically splitting it and making it only 1/8" thick. Anyone else have the same problem?

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I made mine from neupreme ruber (an auto inner tube?) Mines about .100" thick. Works great.
Hey Billc. I had the same problem when working up handloads, droping down 10 % powder, and working up to pressure. Using the larger of Mikes bushings at the lower powder loads my mini would stove pipe till I came up to higher pressure. Using the Serria 63 gr SP @3000 fps the brass plops out about 10 ft, while the factory Winchester 45 gr @ 3600 fps flies about 25-30 ft. If I install the middle size bushing the Winchester plops about 10 ft, but my reloads stove pipe, or eject but does not cock. For a happy medium I use the larger of the 3 bushings.

I am going to order a brass catcher for range/target work as Im tired of loosing brass. Brass is money!

Bubba only one way to find out, and thats shoot it, I'd carry the tools, and a towel to work on so ya won't loose the little parts.;)
Hey raf. I found several brass catchers for AR's, and pistols, but only 3 for the mini.
These are $35 to $40. The 3rd one was only $17, but I won't even show a link to it as some ladies stiched it with Pink silk like cloth I AIN'T hangin anything Pink on my mini!:eek: I think I'm gonna take a stab at making a proper brass catcher for maby a buck or two.;)
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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