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recoil buffers

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Installed one of the recoil buffers in my Mini 30. I found that my Promags will not feed the first two rounds with it in. Basically the operating rod is just barely coming back far enough to clear the mag with the buffer installed. With 10 rounds in the mag its a tight fit. I guess I need that extra 1/4 inch to get a little more umph. Kind of like a running start. I'm thinking about cutting the buffer in half. Basically splitting it and making it only 1/8" thick. Anyone else have the same problem?

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Originally posted by Billc
I put in one of Mikes. Really cut down on the "clatter" and everything great. Then put in the largest of the 3 gasport inserts and got stovepipe jams, ejects but no pickup and sometimes no extraction at all. Changed out the insert to the standard again and all great again. Hunting brass is bothersome so I'm going to take the largest insert and drill it out about halfway in size between its orig size and that of the Ruger insert. Hopefully will get best of both worlds and be able to find brass without using metal detector!:rolleyes:
Doesn't a smaller gas port bushing let less gas into the pistion and thus reduce the ejection velocity?
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