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recoil buffers

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Installed one of the recoil buffers in my Mini 30. I found that my Promags will not feed the first two rounds with it in. Basically the operating rod is just barely coming back far enough to clear the mag with the buffer installed. With 10 rounds in the mag its a tight fit. I guess I need that extra 1/4 inch to get a little more umph. Kind of like a running start. I'm thinking about cutting the buffer in half. Basically splitting it and making it only 1/8" thick. Anyone else have the same problem?

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I have read that bufers cause some problems with the Mini 14, like ejection/extraction .I made a buffer out of urethane and it works fine except for an occasional fault in extraction/ejection.Maybe you could try sanding it down at first.The thicker the material the greater the shock absorbtion, but I wonder how thick does it need to be? The Mini 14s is about 1/8", but I am going to sand mine down.Have you done a search of posts on "buffers" yet?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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