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Mr rezman is a sharpshooter, I can tell from his comments, I was taught to shoot in the Marine Corp with the M14. Using the peep sight at 200 yd to 500yd. it was all the same; the perfect sight picture is bullseye blurred, front sight blade in sharp focus at bulls 6:00, rear peep blurr with blade centered. Also don't hold your breath more than 2 or 3 seconds, and squeeze the trigger. At 500 yds. I can see several adjacent targets besides mine thru the peep. So it dosen't matter the size of the peep as much as the sight picture. You might try marking your shot on a small note book, where you believe your shot went, before checking. This will tell you if you are moving, flenching, etc. It works for me. It also sounds like you may be moving your head around fwd., and aft. It is very important to develope a natural, and consistant spot weld (cheek weld) with the stock inorder to be consistant in hitting the target. It takes some practice.
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