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Rear Sight Adjustment

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I have a mini 181 model, blue, purchased in 1979 -- adjustment of the rear sight for windage requires the sight to be moved almost to right edge of the receiver. The gun shoots to the left with the sight centered. Is this normal for such a large adjustment? I also have a 181, in stainless, purchased in 1982 and the rear sight for windage is centered on the receiver to hit point of aim. Just curious.
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Welcome to the forum Seidel. I don't have a std mini, but it sounds like you need to take the rear sight apart, and reindex it. Here is a schematic if you don't have a manual.
Sorry guys, I guess I lost myself. I was remembering another post about 9 months ago where a member had a problem with the "elevation", not the windage, by dissambling the sight and reassembling, it corrected his problem. It won't help yours. So if you will disreguard my swing, and a miss, I will try again.

No that is not normal to shoot that far to the left. You could have a bent barrel. You might consider sending it in to Ruger for repair.
So this is normal for the sight to be even with the right side of the receiver. Can you still move it more to the right if needed?

Sometimes I wish I had both mini's so I could see the small differences in the Ranch, and Regular mini.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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