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finally got a few hrs today for a quick range trip with the new 580 tactical (late 580 w/ tapered barrel). shoots like a dream! ran some xm193 thru first. quarter sized groups in the bull at 50yds with the irons. also shot a few mags of 62 grain, a mixture of herters steel case & freedom reman m855. it still held solid groups with the 62gr, but was hittin a little high/right with the heavier slugs. the 25 yd range was crowded, so never got over there to zero the scopebut after shooting at some broken clay pigeon pieces on the berm, i figured out how far off it was at 50 yrds & was compensating with my aim. was able to hit qtr to half dollar sized pieces pretty consistently at 50 yrds by compensating my aim. i think once the scope is zeroed, this will be a very accurate rifle. with my old eyes, a dark dreary day & iron sights, i was very impressed with the out of the box first group with the 55gr. out of approx 100 rds, no flyers other than a couple that were my fault, not the rifle/barrel.

also ran the first 30 or so rds thru my model 1917 sporterized "enfield" chambered in 30.06 AI. scope needs zeroed on it but was shooting pretty consistent groups with surplus greek m-2 ball. this one really needs a good trigger job. mil spec trigger is pretty heavy.

first time at the range for the 10/22 i snagged a while back. it ended up being one of the lipsey's special editions with the 22" barrel. even with the cheap walmart scope that was on it, it is a tack driver! it will greatly improve with good optics, but even with the cheapo scope, i was able to hit dime sized targets at 50 yrds. i thought it was broken at first until looking thru the spotting scope. it was running so quiet with the CCI ar tactical ammo that you almost couldnt hear it run. action was noisier than the ammo. this will be a fun rifle to dial in. cant wait to get all three back out on a good, well lit day & see what they will do.

oh, meant to add, those $12.99 20 rd straight mags from CDNN worked flawlessly in the mini. i'll be picking up a few more of those!
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