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Range Report

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I played hookey from work today and went to the range, I thought you all might like to see how we are doing in searching for that magic bullet of 1 MOA avg. from a tuned, stock Mini-14.
Sierra 63 gr. SP, 22 gr Rx-7 powder, Winchester brass, Federal Match primers. I fired 6 groups of 5. Horizontal avg 1.12, Verticle avg. 1.36. This may not be my target load, but should be a good load for coyotes. The problem is my shooting technique. You can see from the picture, my horizontal is good, but the verticle is a variable, caused by uneven; hand pressure, cheek pressure, and shoulder pressure. I just need to work on this, and order more bullets. Next I want to work on a light weight ballistic tip, and maby tighten the groups a schosh more. What do you all think? Constructive criticism is always welcome.:)
Technical Difficulties. Please Stand By!
Helloooo, Can ya hear me now? I'm way down at the bottom!!!
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Hey Kali I make a pretty good bench rest myself and it looks like you are 2 or 3 counties away. I will most certainly give you the rest at cost since you have been so forthright with your responses to my usual crap. E mail me with your address and I will send pics. I would have done it here but all my pics. are at work. I am able to get great groups with most rifles, even heavier calibers.

It has been my experience that any vertical patterns that recur at a rest with any consistency, is the powder and not the rifle. The harmonics of a barrel will normally travel up and down, our jobs as reloaders is to find the furthest point up or down where the barrel is moving the slowest. There we usually find our shots going horizontal, which is good, from there we can work on aim and other issues. Careful powder measure is key to finding the sweet spot. I have 2 rifles that may never see that end:( :usa:
I would try .5 grains higher if its within limitations and see what happens. My model 788 remington did the same thing till I went up on the powder. Of course every gun is different and we are talkin bolt versus semi auto ect........................:usa:
Here is a picture of my bench rest, I hope it comes through O.K.
Here is a picture of the rest I created.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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