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Range Report

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I played hookey from work today and went to the range, I thought you all might like to see how we are doing in searching for that magic bullet of 1 MOA avg. from a tuned, stock Mini-14.
Sierra 63 gr. SP, 22 gr Rx-7 powder, Winchester brass, Federal Match primers. I fired 6 groups of 5. Horizontal avg 1.12, Verticle avg. 1.36. This may not be my target load, but should be a good load for coyotes. The problem is my shooting technique. You can see from the picture, my horizontal is good, but the verticle is a variable, caused by uneven; hand pressure, cheek pressure, and shoulder pressure. I just need to work on this, and order more bullets. Next I want to work on a light weight ballistic tip, and maby tighten the groups a schosh more. What do you all think? Constructive criticism is always welcome.:)
Technical Difficulties. Please Stand By!
Helloooo, Can ya hear me now? I'm way down at the bottom!!!
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Sorry about the teeny tiny pic guys, I had a time just getting the format changed. I will work on it today. Thanks for all your comments.
Goodorbit Out of the box ammo, I tried, Federal Premium, plain ole Remington, Bernuls, and Winchester. The Federals initally shot the best, till I tuned, and smoothed the bore. Then the Winchester 45 gr Varmint $9.00 for a box of 40 at Academy sports shot best. There is a lot more ammo I haven't tried. I needed something I could hunt with, was fairly accurate, and cheep to shoot, so the Winchesters is what I stuck with from begining to end of tuning. They started with 4.5" groups at 100 yd now the average is 1.5" groups. Your mileage may vary.
Dennis , there is a lot of factory ammo I haven't tried, but reloading is so cheep, once you have your equip. They are more accurate, as well.
Ksregulator, I shoot with a a bench rest, but there is still teqnique involved, as I am learning. It is tough for me to get confortable on these benches, as they are not on concreate, but built up on a wood frame, with kids around there is too much movement. I started yesterday shooting from the 300/400 yd concrete bench over to the 100 yd targets. Just have to adjust to it.
Kalifornia , I bought the ROCK, by Caldwell, it is rock solid,and has all the adjustments, including the for stock, stop. On sale from midway with front bag for $71. I use a cheep rabit ear rear bag. May up grade. For the average shooter, a home made sand bag will suffice. I use the rest to eliminate as much human error as possible to measure effectiveness of mods, and load developement. You are correct you have to resight after each shot. When I go hunting I use bipods for long shots. siting, and prone.
Ivanimal, my loads are exact, brass, bullets, powder, all weighed to the nearest nats a_ _. I can feel my shooting hand , and cheek pressure are the variables. One of the better shooters at the range sugested, a firm shoulder contact will evenup the hand, and cheek pressure. I will give it a try.
I do not have a digital camera, but walmart will develope film on flopies, for me. Will post some pictures when I get them. thanks guys for your responses :)
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Still trying to attach this darn picture. I know its easy if ya know how!:(
Helloooo, can ya hear me now? I'm down here!!!! Can ya see this any better?


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They were similar vertical, but about an inch wide horizontal. When I get some more bullets, I will use my cronograpy, and bump up the powder a little. I still believe it was my technique, I will also use a firmer into shoulder pressure.
If Bertha dosn't bring heavy rain, I will try some 50 grain BT tomorrow, and see how it goes. Would like to have the heaver load for the yotes, and a lighter bullet for the smaller varmints. I will use the 10/22 for squirel, and rabbit.
Hi goodorbit, no I haven't tried the Black Hills, but it seems everyone who shoots em likes em. I may try some after I nail down my reloads. It's a good idea to have some good factory loads to fall back on especially on a fast shooten autoloader.
I am going to take some pictures of my mini, and range set up when Bertha gets out of de way:rolleyes: Will post them if I can next week.
Sorry about the picture posting problems guys, Bill is working very hard to negotiate us some more space. I would like to see a mini-14 gallery, so everyone can post a picture of their mini in the gallery. I know there are some real beauties out there! :D
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