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Range Report

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I played hookey from work today and went to the range, I thought you all might like to see how we are doing in searching for that magic bullet of 1 MOA avg. from a tuned, stock Mini-14.
Sierra 63 gr. SP, 22 gr Rx-7 powder, Winchester brass, Federal Match primers. I fired 6 groups of 5. Horizontal avg 1.12, Verticle avg. 1.36. This may not be my target load, but should be a good load for coyotes. The problem is my shooting technique. You can see from the picture, my horizontal is good, but the verticle is a variable, caused by uneven; hand pressure, cheek pressure, and shoulder pressure. I just need to work on this, and order more bullets. Next I want to work on a light weight ballistic tip, and maby tighten the groups a schosh more. What do you all think? Constructive criticism is always welcome.:)
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The Federal American Eagle 50 grain JHP flat base shoots well out of both my older 1 in 10 twist rifle and my newer 1 in 7 twist.

I don't have a 1 in 9 twist rifle but I imagine it would work well with it also.

BTW, this is not the same ammo as the more common Federal American Eagle 55 grain FMJ or 62 grain FMJ.

I'm sure there is some other ammo that is okay but this stuff is both cheap and good. <G>

Dennis Jenkins

Originally posted by goodorbit
Not to complain, but the attached image was really, really small on my screen. Like an inch square! Can you boost it up so I/We can see? Or am I doing something wrong?

Also while I've got you on the horn-

What would you use for an "out of the Box" ammo. I'm still looking for my project mini, and don't want to spend all that dough on reloading....

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