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Range Report

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I played hookey from work today and went to the range, I thought you all might like to see how we are doing in searching for that magic bullet of 1 MOA avg. from a tuned, stock Mini-14.
Sierra 63 gr. SP, 22 gr Rx-7 powder, Winchester brass, Federal Match primers. I fired 6 groups of 5. Horizontal avg 1.12, Verticle avg. 1.36. This may not be my target load, but should be a good load for coyotes. The problem is my shooting technique. You can see from the picture, my horizontal is good, but the verticle is a variable, caused by uneven; hand pressure, cheek pressure, and shoulder pressure. I just need to work on this, and order more bullets. Next I want to work on a light weight ballistic tip, and maby tighten the groups a schosh more. What do you all think? Constructive criticism is always welcome.:)
Technical Difficulties. Please Stand By!
Helloooo, Can ya hear me now? I'm way down at the bottom!!!
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Hey Cajun!

Are you using a bi-pod or a rest? Vertical can vary if you are just shooting from sandbags.

For cheek help a lot of guys on the west coast use those adjustable Blackhawk Cheekpads. You can find them on

Keep up the good work for us. I may need your help when I order a gas bushing kit from your buddy Mike. With all of your posts, you sold me on that upgrade.

Can you post a pic of your Mini?

Thanks again.
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