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I love my 10/22s and I have several of them. Either a scope or a red dot sight really improves the rifle. The one thing that I do not like about the 10/22 is the stock sight system. On several of my 10/22s I added a Volquartsen drop-in trigger -- on this one there is an EOTech RDS and the VQ trigger, rounded out with a Hogue stock:

If you want to stick with iron sights, you cannot do better than the Tech Sights. Here is my review of the 10/22 Tech Sight on Amazon (if you find my review helpful, I would appreciate a "helpful" click on Amazon). Roger J. Buffington's review of Tech Sight's TSR100 Adjustable Aperture Si.... Here is my review of the VQ trigger assembly: Roger J. Buffington's review of Volquartsen RUG 10/22 22LR SIL TG2000 TRIG...

Here is my other rifle with the Tech Sight, which is essentially identical to the sights that the Army used for the M16a1 I carried in the Army:

Here is the front sight. It is adjustable just like my M16a1 sight was:

The 10/22 is great with a scope. Write-up and pictures to follow shortly.

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I put a Williams receiver sight on my "Talo" 10-22. I prefer my little Ruger to be as streamlined and handy as possible and the low-profile aperture sight helps keep it that way, while still affording me a quickly acquired sight picture.
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