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In a word, YES. The Mini-14 *Ranch* has "Integral Scope Ring Mounts". The Mini-14 does not.

All Mini-30s have Integral Scope Ring Mounts.

In Ruger model designations, R=Ranch, K=Stainless Steel, and P = polymer stock.

Thus a "K-Mini 30-P" is a stainless steel Mini-30 with a polymer stock (and integral scope ring mounts).
A Mini 14/5R is just a blued steel Mini-14 Ranch with wood stock and 5 shot clip. I don't really understand the /5 designation, since all new Mini's come with the 5 round magazine now.

All the Mini-14 Ranch and Mini-30s come with Medium-Height Ruger 1" Scope Rings, in matching finish to the gun.
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