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ranch rifle mods

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I have a brand new ranch rifle, and I already have a folding stock, flash hider, and recoil buffer. What are some other cheap modifications that I can make to improve accuracy and performance?:rapid:
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Hey hanksr. (1) evil folding stock, (2) evil flash hider + post ban mini-14 = Assault gun. Hank I'm shure you ment to say a muzzle brake instead of flash hider, and a welded folding "Type" stock on your NEW mini, or your "new mini" is a preban mini, didn't you ? ;) Send me a private message if you have questions.

Now we can help ya some on accurizing your LEGAL semi auto. Assuming you have found the proper ammo your mini likes. A trigger job + gas port bushing kit, from Mike Knifong for $50 is a must for accuracy. This will keep you on the bullseye on slowfire, as well as rapid fire. The smaller gas port bushing GREATLY reduces recoil. The other thing I would recommend is bedding the stock. Bedding my mini reduced average groups by 3/4" at 100 yd plus eliminated flyers. Brownells Acraglass gell (green box) $11 to $15. There are more mods but will cost u a little more. Such as firelaping the barrel, and scoping.

I have spent about $75 total accurizing my ranch mini. Results: out of box 4 1/2" (average) 5 shot groups to after mods 1.5" (average) 5 shot groups with Winchester 45 gr varmint ammo.

Now my reloads are getting it real close to 1 MOA at 100 yds. average. Best 5 shot group is .85"

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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