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Ranch rear sights

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Just sitting here, installing my worked over trigger assy. from Mike[Boy what a turn around]. Any way I'm trying to think of a decent sight for the back of my Ranch. Then it hits me. Use a Weigand Ranch Scopemount, with a N.E.C.G Peep sight. The sight uses a Weaver mounting system, and is fully adjustable, and made of steel. Any thoughts on this setup?
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I use the Weigand mount to mount a Bushnell scope and the rail works great. I kept having a problem with the Ruger rings working loose ,but with the Weigand and Weaver rings no problems.;) Mike can turn a trigger job around in a hurry can't he? Whats better than his quick service is his quality work.:D
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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