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Ranch rear sights

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Just sitting here, installing my worked over trigger assy. from Mike[Boy what a turn around]. Any way I'm trying to think of a decent sight for the back of my Ranch. Then it hits me. Use a Weigand Ranch Scopemount, with a N.E.C.G Peep sight. The sight uses a Weaver mounting system, and is fully adjustable, and made of steel. Any thoughts on this setup?
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If ya mount a rear sight on a weaver mount, you will need a very long front sight.

If you click on the search button (upper right) and enter "ranch rear sight" many threads will come up on the subject.

You may also consider a scope or Red Dot sight.
Reloader, I don't think it will fit, as the model 77 has a raised mount, whereas the mini ranch has a sunken mount.

BTW, what didn't you like about the Weigand base?
Thanks reloader. Get some sleep :eek:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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