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Ranch rear sights

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Just sitting here, installing my worked over trigger assy. from Mike[Boy what a turn around]. Any way I'm trying to think of a decent sight for the back of my Ranch. Then it hits me. Use a Weigand Ranch Scopemount, with a N.E.C.G Peep sight. The sight uses a Weaver mounting system, and is fully adjustable, and made of steel. Any thoughts on this setup?
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The rear sight from NEGC uses the rear integral mount, no need for the Weigand rail.
If you still want a red dot, I'd still say forget the rail from Weigand
(had one, not a big fan). By the time you built up the front sight to use with the high rear sight you may as well have just gone with some sort of scout configuration. Much cleaner anyway, I think.
Just my .02.
I had stability problems, wandering zero. I was pretty suprised because it looked stout, but two scopes and some loctite later I decided the mount was at fault. I just couldn't get it to hold. I came to the conclusion that the way it gripped the Ruger mounts was to blame. I'd give you the specifics but I haven't looked at it for months (lots of school and sleeping since then). All my attempts to sell it to dealers at a gunshow were met with everything from polite no-thank-you's to chuckling.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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