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I am considering a new handguard for my Mini. So, what are some good options? I like the Choate, but it doesn't have a heat shield. I use a single point sling, so that could be hazardous.

Does the Ram-Line come with a heat shield? If so, does anyone have up-close pics of an installed ram-line on their Mini? I'd love to see a few.

Plus, are there any other good looking heat-shelded (yet better cooling than stock) handguards out there? I am not sure what to look for, honestly. I just want better than stock performance .. and nice looks! Sure, the stock look is great, but I am trying to get the most I can from the Tactical Mini!

I'd prefer a flat-black look, btw. Just throwing that out there. Something with a satin finish is fine, too .. just not preferred.
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