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Quick Start for my new Minis

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Just picked up my new mini 14 and 30 (I must be nuts) and haved gleaned great info on this forum. If anyone has a word of advice on two or three things I need to do first to these things let me know.

Is anybody using a scout scope setup on a mini 30? Red Dot? Ideas for 100 yard shooting....
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Welcome to the forum Nightmare. Break in your barrel for the first 100 rds. Fire 1 shot, then clean. (10 times), then fire 3 shots, then clean. (10 times), then fire 10 shots, and clean for the remainder of the 100 rds. This will smooth the machine marks in the bore, increasing accuracy, and decrease fouling.

Use a copper cleaner such as Hoppies Benchrest, Shooters Choice, or Butches Bore shine.

Either use a bore guide, a vinal coated rod, I use a vinal coated cable, and clean from the bore to chamber. The idea is not to wear out the crown, as this is the last thing the bullet feels exiting the muzzle. Over time a worn crown will affect accuracy.

Then find a type of ammo your mini likes. It will be reasonable in cost, and shoot tighter groups consistantly. Each mini is different. Mine likes Winchester 45 gr varmint. Have fun with your new rifle. ;)
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