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-What do I need to clean the chamber? I bought a .38-.357 brush that I thought would be close, and it isn't right.
I use an M-14 chamber brush. I know it's for a .308 chamber, and a bit too big, but it really gets the carbon cleaned-out. One brush will typically last me 5 or 6 chamber cleanings.

-How do you take out the gas bushing to clean it, and how do you clean the gas ports in the barrel?
It is pretty much self-cleaning. If you wanted to clean it, you would need to remove the gas block. It's a pain to remove (the screws are staked in place at the factory), but it's a good idea to remove it once and re-torque the screws. This will sometimes improve accuracy.

-Should the gas bushing be loose in it's mounting? Apparently it leaks for all of the fouling found on the inside of the gas block.

-When I squirted carburetor cleaner in the barrel, it leaked around the base of the gas bushing and out of the gas block and ran down the outside of the barrel. Should it be doing that?

Ok I thought about it, and the fouling inside the gas block isn't from the bushing leaking, it's just the way it works, right?
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