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question on gun ban

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If they do pass the gun ban, will it still be possible to get a complete upper?

I have been holding off buying another upper due to funds and prices are around $1000! I should have bought a 2nd when I could get them for $400 - but I didn't have a lower or was thinking of a 2nd AR!
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I'm too new to this forum to know the rules on double-posting but I posted a link to the Official NYS list of Manufacturers of Banned Assault weapons. This is posted in the "Political Forum" of this site. This is any Semi-auto with any "1" of the banned (Evil) attachments, Extended Mag, Flash Suppressor, Muzzle Brake, Adjustable Stock, Bayo Lug. They seemed to have missed Carry Handle and laser Sight/Flash light but give em time I'm sure they'll add them. This is probably very close to what the Dems current wish list is, who knows they may try for more but NY has already passed this with a few changes needed as I described in the other post. Warning the list is very extensive and pretty surprising to say the least!
Oh good, you had me wondering.
Did you see that list? Talk about an all encompassing list of AR's.
I was thinking of turning mine into a matching set of Lamps, you know mounted on a small base, pull chain with a really pretty shade.
Whats surprising is that my Mini 14's didn't make the list, I'm sure they'll fix that in the near future!
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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