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Question about an AR-15!!!

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I have a Remington 700 VTR that I am willing to trade a guy for his AR by surplus ammo and arms. I don't know much about the company and I was wondering if I could get some outside opinions on whether or not the trade would be worth it or not. If it works i have attached a picture of the AR that he wants to trade me below. Thanks


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heck I'd do it! I haven't heard of anything wrong with Surplus Ammo's parts - I heard more about the companies - customer service sucked.

That's just my opinion!
Whats the Rem 700 worth?
I figure the AR is probably $700 (could be more at todays prices)
Was it water dipped (+$) for the camo or spray painted (-$)?
Does your remington have an optic on it and if so what type? That could be a deciding factor right there. I personally have not heard of this brand of AR, however, that doesn't really mean a lot. I personally think that it is not a bad deal unless you already have an AR then I personally would keep the Remmy
SAA makes good stuff. As Sharky said, it's the online store's CS that sucks, not the quality of the product. If you want an AR anytime soon, it's probably worth the trade, because you aren't likely to get one anywhere, unless you're willing to pay insane prices.
Pre-panic, it was a $700-800 gun. Right now, it's probably a $1200-1500 gun (perhaps more). Six months from now, I suspect it will be a $700-800 gun. Your 700 VTR's value won't change.
Thanks for the input! It has a Simmons 3-9x40 on it, nothing too fancy. And if anything I could flip the AR after trading and make my money back double in our current situation we are in. And it is spray painted but appears to be done very well. If I didn't like it I could always strip it off, I planned on getting it dipped anyways.
The Fun Factor!

I'd go for the trade.

Having owned both the BDL & ADL in .30-06, and the a couple AR's, I'm really having much more fun blasting away with my semi-auto .223 bolt gun, which is pretty much what they are.

Doesn't take much to really wake up the accuracy in those things either. ;)

Free-float a quality barrel with a tube and move up from there if desired.
The price of ARs has doubled recently, and increased even more in the past few days. The Remington 700 is a solid gun, but the market on bolt guns hasn't changed as much. Check your crystal ball to see if that trend will continue. Seriously though, get the AR if you still can. Might be too late in a couple hours.
The price of a typical AR is NOT going to go down any time soon. During the (so called) assault weapons ban of 1994-2004 prices continued to rise. They didn't really come down again until about 2006. I'm thinking there WILL be another ban and this time the A-holes are not going to agree on a sunset date. We'll be lucky if they don't make it retroactive like the Lautenburg POS.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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