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Quality of USA Mags?

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Does anyone know of the quality of USA brand mags for the Mini 14 is? I'm looking to buy some 10 rounders.

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Risky, very risky. I have yet to try a USA mag that works in anything. hth
Hmm.....I guess I'll start looking elsewhere then. Thanks for the info. What part of Texas are you in RMac?

about 30 miles north of San Antonio, up in the hill country. Are you a pilot?
No, no pilot. When I was working at machine shop in California, I brought in my cylinder off of my KTM 250 to have something done to it. Ever since that, one of the guys there always called me KTMpilot.
Understand. Just don't be a donor! Sold my KZ cause traffic got bad, had a couple of close calls. Out here in the country, have to watch for deer, they run early in the mornings and late at nite. Have hit two so far. Wiped out one front end on car, the second was in a rental haha! The fuller the moon, the more they run.

The USA brand magazines I have handled were somewhat flimsy and some had sharp edges. I've heard most reports on them say they are bad magazines, rarely I'll hear of someone having one that works. FWIW


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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