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Putting a Scope on an '03

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I bought an '03 from CMP last year and it's a great shooter! And the more I shoot it the more I've been thinking about putting a scope on it... I've seen '03A3s with scopes, and most are historically accurate for collectors, etc. I like the finish of my rifle and want to maintain its classic looks so I want mine to resemble those "sniper" rifles only in so far as I don't want it to look odd with a "wrong age" scope. So my question is what is the best scope to buy and what is the best type of scope mounting system? Please don't advise me to buy a Unertl 10X or a M82... those are collector scopes and too pricey for what I have in mind. Thanks in advance for any assistance/thoughts you may want to share.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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