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Putting a Scope on an '03

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I bought an '03 from CMP last year and it's a great shooter! And the more I shoot it the more I've been thinking about putting a scope on it... I've seen '03A3s with scopes, and most are historically accurate for collectors, etc. I like the finish of my rifle and want to maintain its classic looks so I want mine to resemble those "sniper" rifles only in so far as I don't want it to look odd with a "wrong age" scope. So my question is what is the best scope to buy and what is the best type of scope mounting system? Please don't advise me to buy a Unertl 10X or a M82... those are collector scopes and too pricey for what I have in mind. Thanks in advance for any assistance/thoughts you may want to share.
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Jim, I'm not an authority on these matters by any means, but the two scopes you mention that are out of your price range are the only two really authentic ones I'm aware of, and thus are the only ones that will really be "right" on a military configured '03.

However, however, if you just want to get "close," you might look into one of the old Lyman Alaskans.

Someone else may have more and better info, but since it's been a few days and nobody else has answered you, I thought I'd relay what I think would at least get you "close." Those scopes, BTW, will require a 7/8" set of rings, but they shouldn't be inordinately hard to find. You might try:
Vintage Sporting Arms & Accessories
2326 Clinton Ave. W.
Huntsville, AL 35805

phone 256-534-9292
fax 236-534-8383

email at:
[email protected]


I'd bet someone there will be able to help and advise you. They're not the cheapest source around, if you know what you want and can find it, but they're not too far off on most stuff, and their advice, in your case, will probably be more than worth the price.

My advice, though, is to not drill and tap it. It'll seriously degrade your rifle's potential value for the future. If you want a good, scoped '03, I'd find one that's been "sporterized" and has ALREADY been drilled and tapped, and just get a stock for it to return it to military configuration. That way, you won't be "cheating" yourself in the FUTURE. Make sense?

And don't feel bad if that's not exactly what you want to hear, because I had to swallow hard and take my own advice. '03's are hard to come by in my area, but miraculously, I've found two that had been sporterized within the past 6 months! Maybe the Springfield Gods rewarded me for my discipline and patience????

Good, original Springfields are getting harder and harder to find, and they ain't makin' 'em any more, either, so your gun WILL gain in value IF you don't monkey with it. I think you'll really hate yourself later if you drill and tap a good, original military '03. I've known too many who've done just exactly that, and all have come to regret it. A word to the wise????
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