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Promag ?

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Received my mags today and not a one of them works. What I need to know is do promag mags have any markings on them? I want to see if these are even promag. The locking lug is lower and makes the mag go to far in and the action wont work. Thanks
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The mags measure 2.45 high. From the bottom of the tab to the top of the mag where it is notched measures 1.25 and on my factory mags it is 1.125 so it is making the mag go up .125 to much. Mine is the 197 series. I bought these from gunclip depot. I am waiting to hear back from them.
I sent the mags back to them. They said they made a mistake but didnt say what it was. I went and shot it today to break in the barrel and noticed on the brass that some of the necks were flattened on one side right on the end, looks like they hit something while being ejected and noticed on the action right in front of where you pull it with your finger, that it looks like the brass is flipping around and hitting there. Is this common for the mini 14. I wanted to reload the brass but wont be able to do some of it because of it. Sure is a fun gun to shoot, wish I would have gotten one years ago.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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