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Promag ?

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Received my mags today and not a one of them works. What I need to know is do promag mags have any markings on them? I want to see if these are even promag. The locking lug is lower and makes the mag go to far in and the action wont work. Thanks
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Hey reb. If you have 6" calipers. measure from the bottom of the mag latch tab to the top of the metal part of the mag (not the follower). My promags measure 1.52". I have a 196 series. What is your deminsion, and series of mini?

We had one member that was sent mini-30 magazines by mistake. If you got them from fourfour they guarentee all their mags for life, for fit or function, and will replace them.
Hey reb, ya can't compare that measurement with the ruger mag. The ruger has a different shaped notch at the top. What we can compare is my reading with yours on the promag. I'm sorry I gave you the wrong measurement. Mine measures 1.052". Your's must be for something else. as there is about 1/4" difference. Thats a bunch!:eek: See what your supplier says.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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