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Here's the deal.....almost every time that I go to a thread that includes a picture, either inserted or attached, the "back" button is then disabled. The "back" button simply will not work at all to return you to the previous page. This only seems to happen on a page that has a picture on it. You can overcome this by rght-clicking the "back" button and you'll see the list of previous pages, and you will see this website has inserted itself as the previous page If you then click on the page that is listed right below this inserted webpage, you'll go to the previous page. This, of course, is NOT supposed to happen. Something is wrong here. To show you what I'm referring to, here's a screenshot of the right-clicked "back" button showing the website that is disabling the "back" button.

Notice in the upper left corner, the drop-down menu on the "back" button... the aforementioned webpage that has somehow inserted itself as the previous page. It is this insertion that is rendering the "back" button inoperable in the PU site. Anyone else notice this? I've done three different scans on my computer and found no malware, and this doesn't happen on any website but this one. This started just a few days ago.
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