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problem getting ejections

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further to this thread..... would a sticky magazine (Dirty or with a weak spring) cause ejection problems? My mags are cleanish, but I may have the tension a bit loose, and they arent worn.

sometimes (about every 3rd or 4th round) the old case is caught up in the works and the bolt tries to close up on it and the round being chambered.

After reading about the ejector in the mag I had to have a look and sure enough the mag spits it out before the ejector on the trigger group. Would a lack of push from the next round cause a case to pop up but not out?

A bolt action semiauto pieces me off :D
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Doonnzl, what you describe is a stovepipe. I don't believe a weak spring tension in your mag, would cause that problem as the mag ejector is as solid as the mag. I believe the problem is the subsonics, don't have quite enough umph, to maintain bolt speed to eject case, and overcome the std hammer spring. Also if your rifle is new (less than 500 rds) the action may not be completly broken in yet. If you try a higher velocity ammo I bet the problem would go away. I understand in your country gunfire sound is a problem.

Here are the things I would try:

(1) If you installed a match hammer kit, such as the Volquartsen, but kept the stiffer stock hammer spring, take it out and use the Volquartsen hammer spring.

(2) If you haven't already do the hammer mod. I can see it will really help over come the hammer resistance, it increases the mechanical advantage.

(3) My last choice would be to replace the recoil spring (if you are only going to shoot Subs) with a weaker one. (scroll down)
Keep us posted.
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Hmmmm, I still don't see how the mag caused it, but I'm glad you fixed it.

The reason I didn't think it would be the mag, as on extraction you can have the mag out, the empty case being held against the bolt face by the extractor, till it is pivoted out when the case rim strikes the ejector. But somehow the misadjusted mag did interfere with ejection. Will have to check into this more. Thanks for posting the fix. ;)
Well since we are talking about mags, here is a link for instructions to do just what doonzl did. Also for complete dissambly to clean.

Its funny I was looking at a home gunsmithing book at walmart book store. It said dissambly of th Ruger 10/22 was too dificult, and therefore not recommended. I just smiled and put the book back.
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