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problem getting ejections

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further to this thread..... would a sticky magazine (Dirty or with a weak spring) cause ejection problems? My mags are cleanish, but I may have the tension a bit loose, and they arent worn.

sometimes (about every 3rd or 4th round) the old case is caught up in the works and the bolt tries to close up on it and the round being chambered.

After reading about the ejector in the mag I had to have a look and sure enough the mag spits it out before the ejector on the trigger group. Would a lack of push from the next round cause a case to pop up but not out?

A bolt action semiauto pieces me off :D
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Whoops, just realized were talking 10/22's here. Clicking around too fast not payin attention I guess. Deleted original post which was off in left field!:confused: :confused:
What a great link, thanks cajungeo. I've never disassembled any of my 10/22 mags (cept that ramline that I tried to put 31 in one time!)

Its funny I was looking at a home gunsmithing book at walmart book store. It said dissambly of th Ruger 10/22 was too dificult, and therefore not recommended.
LOL! I talked one of my friends into buying a 10/22, went out and shot it and coached him through disassembly for cleaning while I cleaned mine. Next weekend, wanna go shooting? (whiney voice) "No cause then I'd have to clean it and its too harrrd"

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