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problem getting ejections

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further to this thread..... would a sticky magazine (Dirty or with a weak spring) cause ejection problems? My mags are cleanish, but I may have the tension a bit loose, and they arent worn.

sometimes (about every 3rd or 4th round) the old case is caught up in the works and the bolt tries to close up on it and the round being chambered.

After reading about the ejector in the mag I had to have a look and sure enough the mag spits it out before the ejector on the trigger group. Would a lack of push from the next round cause a case to pop up but not out?

A bolt action semiauto pieces me off :D
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Done 1,2 and 3 !!!

Stripped, cleaned and retensioned the mag last nite and took it to work, I mean to an approved range.
blew thru 30 subs without a hitch.... 15mm group too (10 rnds about 20 m)
The mag spring was real slack....

Those instructions are exactly what I go by....


But one thing Ive found the MANY times Ive dissassembled and cleaned my mags that '4 flats' of tension are not enough I usually do 6.

Although this time I bearly engaged the the screw to the nut and wound up the nut until it dissapeared into its seat, was probably about 8-ish flats?

Maybe the over tensoining in the past has rooted my springs?
but even at 4 flats it seems pretty slack.....

Im guessing it does need a little pressure from the round below in the mag to help flick out the spent case ??
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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