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I had a primer go off on me when using the hammer method of seating a new primer. Not fun. I wanted a safer way to prime 410 shells and I wanted to use equipment I already have. This is what I did, two methods.

First picture shows the Lee Ram Prime with the ram and two factory primer stems on the left. The third primer stem was fashioned from a roofing nail with a 1/8" shaft.

The shell holder is a Lee #5 that is designed for 300 Win Mag or 7mm Rem Mag or anything else in that case family. It happens to work really well for 410. I used my Dremel and a 5/16 stone to enlarge the primer hole so the shotshell primers will fit.

On the right is an RCBS ram holder that fits in the press ram. I fashioned the ram from a 1/4" hex bolt.

This is what the Lee system looks like in the press.

This is what the RCBS system looks like in the press. Both rams are using the Lee shell holder.

This is a close-up of the primer on the ram. You get the idea.

This is the seated primer. System works great.

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