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Preban Question

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the welcome the other day. I have a question about adding things to my 183 series Mini; first can I add a pistol grip stock that is non-folding and have a Flash/Muzzel break and 20-30 rd magazine, is this beyond what is legal, the Mini came with just the standard wood stock and 5rd mag. Second, since it is a preban can I add anything I want to it without worrying about legalities.

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If you have a gun made before September 14, 1994 (pre-ban), you are able to have as many of the dangers on it as you would like legally.

The caveat is that the gun has to have been in an "assault weapon" configuration on or before the ban took place.
If it does sunset (I doubt it), but if it does, then they can produce some good hi-cap mags, and for a decent price. I'd be stocken up. :D
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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