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Preban Question

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the welcome the other day. I have a question about adding things to my 183 series Mini; first can I add a pistol grip stock that is non-folding and have a Flash/Muzzel break and 20-30 rd magazine, is this beyond what is legal, the Mini came with just the standard wood stock and 5rd mag. Second, since it is a preban can I add anything I want to it without worrying about legalities.

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Hey mtnwatcher, i had not noticed you were in Utah. I am up near Logan, where are you located?
i know what you mean. last fall, I bagged me a couple of grouse just a few minutes up the canyon from home.
gotta love it :)
quite a few. drop me a line when you get up here and i shall show you some of my favorites
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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