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Preban Question

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the welcome the other day. I have a question about adding things to my 183 series Mini; first can I add a pistol grip stock that is non-folding and have a Flash/Muzzel break and 20-30 rd magazine, is this beyond what is legal, the Mini came with just the standard wood stock and 5rd mag. Second, since it is a preban can I add anything I want to it without worrying about legalities.

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i guess it depends on where you live, and who your niebhors are.

i don't know about california or new york, but i'm sure that no one in utah is really out to nab some post-ban mod offenders.

not once, even at public fireing ranges, even when showing my mini to known LEO, did anyone ask or check if it was prepost ban.

but i do think you are safe to mod your mini 183.

if you haven't, check out my 183 mini pics in the gallery. sounds like you might be making somthing similar. i have almost all the evil things on mine, except a bayo lug and folding stock. maybe i'll get them just to be subversive.

i'll be putting up some better ones now that i have the deeper knowledge of posting pics on the internet.
i live in the sprawling megatropolis of santaquin.:D

.....where i can drive down the road for 5 minutes and open fire!:D
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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